Pick the best free bonus deposit casino and look forward to free games and the opportunity of winning without paying for it. Remember that the most important factor of free casino games is the entertainment. So, pick the games that you like the most to play for free on!

What is a free no deposit bonus casino?

A free no deposit casino is a casino that lets you play with a real money bonus without making a deposit first.

All you have to do is:

  1. Register an account with the casino at no cost
  2. Say yes to the free bonus offered
  3. Use the bonus
  4. Make a deposit to continue playing
  5. Meet the wagering requirements of the free bonus to make a bonus cashout

There are usually one of two types of free bonuses in a no deposit casino:

1. Free no deposit cash bonus

This bonus gives you money in your account as soon as you have registered it. The money is a gift from the casino. You can use it on most games. If you win money with the bonus money, the winnings are transferred to your casino account.

2. Free no deposit free spins bonus

This bonus will give you free rounds on slot machines. It comes with rules for how big the bet in each spin can be and on what games you can play for free. When you win money with your free spins bonus without deposit, the money is sent to your casino account.

Apart from these two types of free bonuses, a free bonus no deposit casino can be creative with its offers. You could also be offered free lottery tickets, scratch card games and other free bets without making a deposit.

The structure is always the same. You need to understand just how you can use the bonus and what it demands from you in terms of cashing out your winnings from the casino.

How can you use a free bonus?

There are different ways of using a free bonus from a casino. The rules will differ depending on if you get money, free spins or something else. In general, there are few things that you need to consider before accepting a free no deposit bonus.

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What games are included in the deal?

If you get a free bonus without deposit for a specific game, it goes without saying that this should be a game that you are interested in. If not, this bonus will not give you the main value of bonus offers, namely good entertainment.

If there are several games included in the deal, have a look at them and think about how you want to use the free spins or the money to play for free with.

Is there a time limit for the free no deposit bonus?

Usually, you will get a certain number of days to use the bonus offered to you. The count starts from when you accept the bonus. It is important to understand the time frame. If you win money, you can only cash it out once you’ve met the requirements of the bonus. This must also be done within the time frame of the bonus.

Having said that, it does not have to be complicated. If you pick a good free bonus no deposit casino, it should be clear enough till when you have to use the offer. Just make sure to pay attention to this. If you are not the player that bets on casino games every day or each weekend, you might be surprised to find that the time for the free no deposit bonus is up.

Can you bet freely with the money or spins?

It is rarely free to do what you want with a no deposit bonus. It is made for a specific game, with a set limit for bets and so on. Since this is all programmed, you won’t be able to change any of the settings. Therefore, it is very difficult to break bonus rules and get punished for it.

But always have a look at the rules before you start betting with the free no deposit slot bonus. You might want to use it on several games if that is possible. As far as bonus money goes, you should think the same way.

Realize that some games, like live games, cannot be played with a no deposit bonus. Other examples of games exempt from the free no deposit offer are jackpot games. You can’t get free spins and win millions with them unless you are a VIP player and get the free offer as a reward for your time and money.

Are there more bonuses after the free no deposit bonus?

Something you should consider is if you will get more bonuses after the welcome offer. If you don’t, the casino might not be your best choice. Casinos know very well that many players register spontaneously when they can play for free without a deposit.

When the free bonus is used, it is very common that new members make a deposit to continue playing just to release the bonus winnings. This is even if the casino is not exactly what they were looking for.

If you are wise, you start by looking at what the casino will offer you. Both in terms of new bonuses and in terms of games. If you see that it is a site with many features that you like, the free no deposit bonus can be a good start.

Wagering requirements and their implications

We have touched upon this subject but it demands some further explanation. In essence, there are no free casino bonuses. You will always have rules regarding how to cash out bonus winnings from the casino.

When you win money with the bonus the casino gives you as a gift, they expect you to pay for that gift with real deposits. Now, if you were planning on playing more on the same casino anyway, the bonus can eventually be a real gift.

As you play with your own money, you are wagering the bonus. In the end, you get the bonus winning and other winnings cashed out. But, and there is a big but, if you find that the wagering requirements are impossible to keep, you aren’t getting more than the extra entertainment with the bonus.

This is perfectly fine as long as you understand this. But how many times do you have to wager the bonus to get your money? Let’s look at two different structures for wagering requirements…

1. Wager the bonus money you get for free

Let’s say that you get 100 USD to play for free with without making any deposit. The wagering requirement states that you have to wager the money 20 times within 30 days to cash out any winnings from the bonus.

That means that you need to deposit and play for 2000 USD before you have any right to money that you win with a bonus. If you have two weeks to do this, you might find it a bit too stressful to enjoy the free deposit offer.

2. Wager the winnings from the free spins

Free spins can be even more of a gamble when it comes to no deposit bonuses. The bonus amount that needs to be wagered is the money you win with the spins. If you win 1000 USD with the bonus and now you have to wager this sum 20 times in two weeks’ time, it can get a bit hectic.

Look for reasonable wagering requirements and think of the no deposit bonus as a fun way to get to know the casino. If you don’t manage to wager the bonus in time, you won’t be upset since you never expected to win more than the added entertainment with it.

Can you get a free bonus without any wagering requirements?

As a VIP player you might be offered free bonus without deposit and without wagering requirements. There are free spins bonuses without wagering requirements and more for loyal players. This is a true gift from the casino but it only comes once they know that you are a loyal client in their casino.

Smaller free bonuses without wagering requirements can also be given once you have made a previous deposit. Free gifts like these are only meant for players that have somehow proven that they are active clients in the casino.

How to find a free bonus no deposit casino

You can have a look at our list with the best free bonus no deposit casinos. There are plenty of choices so you can look for the type of casino that you like the best. You can also compare the size of the no deposit bonuses and their rules.

It is easy to find the best no deposit casino with us and we recommend that you take your time choosing your casino. It cannot be said too many times – The most important aspect of casino gaming online is having fun. Keep that in mind when you choose your free bonus no deposit casino!

Try out a casino for free without bonus

Remember, you don’t have to accept a free bonus without deposit just because it is being offered. In fact, many players prefer to try casinos for free without a bonus. You can do this by checking out the demo versions of the games.

Slots and certain table games are easy to try without even registering an account in the casino. Live games are harder to try this way. If you feel that the casino has something to offer you by the look and feel of the free games, you can consider accepting the no deposit bonus for free.

But you don’t have to. If you make a minimal deposit and play with your own money, you are entitled to the winnings without any delay or demands for more bets. Some players find that this is the best way to go about trying a casino.


You can enjoy a free bonus no deposit casino with free money or free spins. Just make sure to pick a casino of your taste and to understand the demands for wagering the bonus. With a free no deposit bonus, you can discover the casino and specific games. It might be a great start for you but remember that it is also quite possible to simply skip the bonus offer and make a small deposit to get going with the casino fun.